Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's a...

GIRL!!!! Today was such an exciting day because we got to find out the gender of our baby! I went to my ultrasound with my mom and dad since Iggy was working..I was excited and nervous at the same time... I was either going to get a confirmation of the girl theory or a whole new different gender announcement. At first I thought the tech was going to say boy and I got nervous.. (don't know why)... She then said..."well..there' no boy parts"... ha ha! I was so happy... My mom and dad got very excited and I was on cloud nine!! I've always dreamed of having two girls and this is just amazing!!Iggy and I have decided that the baby's name will be Gabriela Isabel... we love the name and we want to name her after her uncle Gabriel since we found out the gender on the day of his birthday! We can't wait to meet our little Gaby!!!

Week 14

Today I'm done with week 14! What an awesome week it has been. Almost all of my "bad" symptoms are gone and I've been feeling a lot of movement lately... it is such a reassuring feeling..
I'm still very fatigued and super sleepy during the day, but I really can't complain... The only bad thing is that my skin is breaking out and I don't like all the acne I'm getting... I really hope it goes away when I'm done with the pregnancy.. or even sooner...
My belly has popped a little more but it's still small and cute... I'm loving this pregnancy... finally!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Week 13

According to many books I have officially entered the 2nd trimester of this pregnancy...wohoo! I can't believe how fast time if flying and couldn't be happier about it...
Things are definitely starting to look (and feel) a lot better... Most of my "bad" symptoms are gone by now and I have started to actually enjoy being pregnant. I still feel very fatigued and have the occasional heartburn, but the bad nausea has subsided and I no longer feel as dizzy.
I have felt the baby move a couple of times, which is very exciting and reassuring. My belly has started to "pop", which makes it only more is great!
Within the next few weeks we will find out the gender of this baby and I'm sure it will start to feel even more real and personal; for some reason once a name is assigned to the baby "it" becomes more of a person...weird feeling.. I know! We have already picked out our boy's and girl's name and are only waiting for the official gender announcement!
My next prenatal appointment is scheduled for Feb. 2nd; it will be just a routine check up, so nothing too exciting.

Monday, January 19, 2009

It "might be" a....

GIRL! That's right... might be! haha! what a teaser!!!
Since I had today off due to Martin Luther King Jr's holiday, my mom and I decided to go to La Ideal Baby Store, where they do basic gender determination ultrasounds for only $50. I told my mom it might still be too early to tell the gender but she insisted we go so we did (I'm a few days shy of 14 weeks)...
We got there at around 12pm and spoke to the tech, a very nice Cuban girl. She said that it might still be too early, but she could "try" to see the baby's genitals...
I layed down and she started the u/s...there it was..the little baby..moving around like a maniac, making fish-like movements, for a second my womb looked like a pool... too funny...Again, the heart rate was around the 160's, which is great.
The tech said that it "looks like" a girl.. but she couldn't guarantee it.... she said she's about 80% sure but can't say yet. The good thing is that since she wasn't able to tell me for sure, I get to go back within two weeks for another u/s free of charge! I got to see my baby for a good 30 was awesome!
I have decided that I will go back within 10 days; by then I will be about 15 weeks and the chances of the baby cooperating are much higher... I can't wait!
I don't want to get too excited yet but having another girl is my dream!!! I really hope it comes true!
I will keep you posted! ;)

Friday, January 16, 2009

NT Scan

So the dreaded NT scan was scheduled for today. For those of you that are not familiar with this test, it is called the Nuchal Translucency scan and it is done in the hopes of finding the probabilities of genetic abnormalities by measuring the thickness of the baby's nuchal fold to determine any irregularities. I only had the test done because it is standard practice at my dr's office; otherwise I don't really care to know if my baby has any genetic disorder...but oh well!
I woke up very early since the appointment was scheduled for 8:00am. Drove to the hospital and met my mom there; since Iggy was working she came along to keep me company.
We waited about 20 minutes and got in to get the scan done. It was a very neat ultrasound since the image was magnified. I was able to see my baby, moving around like crazy and measuring right at 13wks and 1 day. The measurements were "perfect" as the tech put it; she also said the the baby's heart rate was around 162 bpm, which is was great. I got some blood work done and scheduled a follow up for January 30th. Results will be given within the next 3 weeks. I got a few cool pictures of the baby and went home happy.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Week 12

This is the last week of the 1st trimester and I can't believe how fast time has passed!
This week was definitely better than the last one; my nausea is almost gone and I don't feel as tired as I had been feeling. I have lost a total of 10lbs, which is not so bad....I actually enjoy wearing my "regular" jeans and not having to dig up my maternity pants.
My appetite is decent so I am not overeating.... I'm actually starting to enjoy this pregnancy.
This coming Friday I will have a special genetic test done. It's called the Nuchal Translucency and it's a test that has become standard practice for many doctors; it's done to measure the probabilities of the baby having a genetic disorder. I'm a bit anxious but not too bad! :)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Week 11

This has been by far one of the worst weeks of this of those that I would like to forget! It started out ok, with the usual nausea, fatigue and upset stomach. I had my 2nd prenatal appointment on Monday and the dr. said everything looked perfect; I even got a great ultrasound picture and got to see the baby's heartbeat, which was almost 170bpm...what a great feeling... Then today when I got up I felt like "crap"...literally.... I started throwing up even though I hadn't eaten anything; this continued throughout the morning. At around 1pm, I decided to go to the ER, to prevent any issues. My blood pressure was very low and I was dehydrated because of all the vomiting. They had my on IV fluids for a while and then I was let go.... I continued throwing up at home and drank a bunch of Pedialyte to help me hydrate. Good thing is that baby is OK and nothing major happened... What a rough week!