Wednesday, April 29, 2009

3-D Ultrasound

Today we went in for our follow up 3-D ultrasound. The session didn't turn out great because once again the baby wasn't cooperating. She kept her hand in front of her face for most of the time and we only got one picture, which is blurry and not so clear.... I was a bit disappointed since I really wanted to get a good view of what she might look like, but I guess we'll meet her soon enough!
On a brighter note, the tech is giving us another chance, so we get to go back for free next week for one last try. I hope Gaby decides to let us see her face and allows the tech to take a couple of more pictures.
Next appointment is scheduled for Thursday May 7th at 7pm. Wish us luck!
Here's the one "decent" picture we got today!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Week 27

Week 27 is over... there's only 12 weeks left to this pregnancy and it seems like an eternity.. I know I'm sounding very negative but time just seems to be dragging on....
This week was better than last but still not that great... The heartburn did get a bit better but my back is killing me...I've been experiencing horrible lower back pain and I continue to get extremely exhausted.
Also, I feel like my feet are swollen and my belly is getting really huge...
On a lighter note, I did have a great prenatal appointment today. So far I have gained a total of 9 lbs and my belly is measuring right at 28 weeks; also my blood pressure is very good and I seem to be doing well with the growth. Gaby's heart rate was around the upper 150's, so perfect. The doctor did say I need to drink lots of fluids and pee more often because some traces of bacteria were found in my urine. He said it was nothing to worry about but did recommend that I drink some cranberry juice on a daily basis...
My next appointment is scheduled for May 26th, and then appointments will be every two weeks until week 36; from then on.. every week.. crazy, huh?

Monday, April 27, 2009

I passed!!!

So all the anxiety I felt during this past week was good for nothing... I got a call from my dr's office today to inform me that I passed my glucose challenge test with no issues. The score was 134, which puts me within the normal range! I was so happy to hear the news. The nurse also said that everything else looked fine too, including my hemoglobin, so that means I'm not even anemic this time around (I was with Olivia)... Yay for good news... keep them coming!!!
I have another routine appointment tomorrow, will report on that soon! ;)
Now, let's have some CAKE!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Awesome Ultrasound today!!

My wonderful hubby gave me a 3-D ultrasound package as an early Mother's Day sweet is that!!
So.. since I've been so eager to see baby Gaby again, we went today to La Ideal baby store for a session. The tech was super nice and gave us a lot of "screen" time with the baby....
At first she wasn't positioned right so we couldn't see her face (she was giving us her back). The tech took some measures and told me the baby weighs around 2lbs and is measuring right around 27 weeks.... awesome news!
We then waited a moment and I turned to my side so baby turned around, however we couldn't see her face because she kept covering it with her hands and feet. The kid would NOT let us take a peek... she is already very stubborn!
During the ultrasound, we were able to see her sucking her thumb, yawning and opening her mouth... it was so cute!
Unfortunately we didn't get any pictures because due to the position of the baby, the 3-D u/s couldn't be completed. However, we do get to go back for free for another try. I scheduled an appointment for next Wednesday at 6pm. Can't wait 'til then!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Week 26

This week has been the week of heartburn from HELL!!! I feel like some kind of dragon who could spit fire out of her's horrible!! No matter what I eat or when I eat it, I always feel a burning sensation that I just can't deal with....
Sleeping at night has become a bit more comfortable (oddly enough), maybe because I have mastered the task of sleeping with a belly attached to me... I'm sleeping for longer periods of time and getting up less times a night...
My belly keeps growing and although I haven't hit the 30-week mark, I feel huge! Not a good feeling... but I guess it's part of the package.
We took a trip to DC on the weekend and it was great but I felt very exhausted with all the walking and running around... I think that was my last trip before baby comes...we sure had a blast!
Also, I had my Glucose Challenge test yesterday (see previous post)... I'll find out the results next week!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Glucose Challenge Test

Today I had my Glucose Challenge test, which is the 1-hour test that is done to diagnose Gestational Diabetes. I went into the lab at around 8am and waited about half an hour to be called. Then I drank the infamous "orange drink", which by the way didn't taste as bad as it did last time... and I waited an hour.
After the hour went by, the phlebotomist drew my blood and I was free to go... By the time the test ended I was starving since I had to fast this morning....
Now I have to wait for the results and hope I pass this test with flying colors so I don't have to go in for a 3-hour version of it (called the Glucose Tolerance test)! We shall see!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Week 25

Another week is gone and I'm starting to see a light at the end of this tunnel! I'm officially on to the double digit day countdown.. how exciting is that!! 99 days to go as of today!
This week was pretty decent considering I'm about to enter the 3rd trimester. I'm extremely exhausted and "sleepy" is my status quo, but the heartburn has gotten better and the weight gain is under control.
This week, baby Gaby has been extremely active. She punches and kicks all day long and I can barely sleep at night. I'm still peeing a million times a day, but I guess that's not so bad since I drink so much water during the day.
Next week I have my glucose challenge test, which I hope to pass without any issues. I have stopped eating any sweets to prevent any issues with the dreaded test. My next prenatal visit is on 04/28.. can't wait til then!
I have added a belly picture for this week, although I think my belly looks smaller today because of the position of the arms do look fat as hell so I feel like a cow!!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

100 days to go!!!

According to my pregnancy ticker, there are "only" 100 days left to this pregnancy!
Wow! That means tomorrow, as I close the 25th week, I will be in the double digit countdown, as opposed to the triple digit! Yay!
I just wanted to share today's excitement! I will post again tomorrow about week 25!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Belly shots at the beach!

25 weeks, 2 days and counting.. Here are some pictures I took at the beach today....I was brave enough to sport a bikini.. it was fun!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Week 24

So as of today, there are "only" 15 weeks left to baby time as I enter my 25th week. I have to say that this pregnancy is starting to drag on... I'm already desperate and starting to feel like I've been pregnant forever...
This week wasn't so great. I have had tons of heartburn and a lot of difficulty breathing. I get very uncomfortable at night and also some weird nausea in my sleep. Besides that, baby Gaby is pressing down my bladder and I have to pee constantly...not fun!
A couple of days ago I felt horrible. I think she assumed a strange position and was making it very hard for me to breathe. I started to feel very dizzy and extremely nauseous and told Iggy to take me back home. Thankfully, the horrible feeling went away within minutes of laying down but I was pretty scared.
My belly is still growing and it is very itchy. I'm hoping time starts to speed up because this is getting exhausting!!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Excuse me... I need to pee!!!!!!!

I'm currently averaging between 20 to 25 daily visits to the potty.. this is crazy! I have never peed so much in my entire life.. not even when I was pregnant with Olivia.
I get up about 6 times every night and feel a very intense pressure on my bladder... it is rather uncomfortable.. and during the day, all I do is pee.
I wonder if this craziness will ever stop or else I'll have to start wearing diapers soon! ;)

Friday, April 3, 2009

Dare to bare the belly...

I finally dared to bare my belly... it's getting big... I hadn't posted many bare belly shots because I just hate all the stretch marks that my 1st pregnancy left on it.. but oh well.. here it is.. getting big!! 24 weeks and counting!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Week 23

Another week is ending today as the light at the end of the tunnel gets closer and closer. This has been BY FAR, the best week of this pregnancy. If it wasn't for my belly (and the very active baby inside it), I wouldn't even know I'm pregnant.
I had a doctor's appointment this past Monday and things are looking great. I have gained a total of 6lbs since I got pregnant and the baby's heart rate remains around the 160's. According to the doctor, I have done a "phenomenal" job with my weight gain and the baby sounds "beautiful". It is such a relief to know that things are progressing positively. I feel huge and ugly but I'm sure that will change once I have the baby and get on a diet and exercise regime.
Within the next 3 weeks I will have my Glucose Tolerance test; I'm actually dreading that test since there's always a slight chance of failing it and having to retake it...oh well!
My next prenatal visit is scheduled for April 28th; by then I'll be about 28 weeks along and starting the third trimester! God.. I can't wait!
No belly picture this week! Will update when I hit 25 weeks! ;)