Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Week 24

So as of today, there are "only" 15 weeks left to baby time as I enter my 25th week. I have to say that this pregnancy is starting to drag on... I'm already desperate and starting to feel like I've been pregnant forever...
This week wasn't so great. I have had tons of heartburn and a lot of difficulty breathing. I get very uncomfortable at night and also some weird nausea in my sleep. Besides that, baby Gaby is pressing down my bladder and I have to pee constantly...not fun!
A couple of days ago I felt horrible. I think she assumed a strange position and was making it very hard for me to breathe. I started to feel very dizzy and extremely nauseous and told Iggy to take me back home. Thankfully, the horrible feeling went away within minutes of laying down but I was pretty scared.
My belly is still growing and it is very itchy. I'm hoping time starts to speed up because this is getting exhausting!!!!

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