Thursday, April 23, 2009

Awesome Ultrasound today!!

My wonderful hubby gave me a 3-D ultrasound package as an early Mother's Day sweet is that!!
So.. since I've been so eager to see baby Gaby again, we went today to La Ideal baby store for a session. The tech was super nice and gave us a lot of "screen" time with the baby....
At first she wasn't positioned right so we couldn't see her face (she was giving us her back). The tech took some measures and told me the baby weighs around 2lbs and is measuring right around 27 weeks.... awesome news!
We then waited a moment and I turned to my side so baby turned around, however we couldn't see her face because she kept covering it with her hands and feet. The kid would NOT let us take a peek... she is already very stubborn!
During the ultrasound, we were able to see her sucking her thumb, yawning and opening her mouth... it was so cute!
Unfortunately we didn't get any pictures because due to the position of the baby, the 3-D u/s couldn't be completed. However, we do get to go back for free for another try. I scheduled an appointment for next Wednesday at 6pm. Can't wait 'til then!

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