Monday, January 19, 2009

It "might be" a....

GIRL! That's right... might be! haha! what a teaser!!!
Since I had today off due to Martin Luther King Jr's holiday, my mom and I decided to go to La Ideal Baby Store, where they do basic gender determination ultrasounds for only $50. I told my mom it might still be too early to tell the gender but she insisted we go so we did (I'm a few days shy of 14 weeks)...
We got there at around 12pm and spoke to the tech, a very nice Cuban girl. She said that it might still be too early, but she could "try" to see the baby's genitals...
I layed down and she started the u/s...there it was..the little baby..moving around like a maniac, making fish-like movements, for a second my womb looked like a pool... too funny...Again, the heart rate was around the 160's, which is great.
The tech said that it "looks like" a girl.. but she couldn't guarantee it.... she said she's about 80% sure but can't say yet. The good thing is that since she wasn't able to tell me for sure, I get to go back within two weeks for another u/s free of charge! I got to see my baby for a good 30 was awesome!
I have decided that I will go back within 10 days; by then I will be about 15 weeks and the chances of the baby cooperating are much higher... I can't wait!
I don't want to get too excited yet but having another girl is my dream!!! I really hope it comes true!
I will keep you posted! ;)