Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Week 13

According to many books I have officially entered the 2nd trimester of this pregnancy...wohoo! I can't believe how fast time if flying and couldn't be happier about it...
Things are definitely starting to look (and feel) a lot better... Most of my "bad" symptoms are gone by now and I have started to actually enjoy being pregnant. I still feel very fatigued and have the occasional heartburn, but the bad nausea has subsided and I no longer feel as dizzy.
I have felt the baby move a couple of times, which is very exciting and reassuring. My belly has started to "pop", which makes it only more is great!
Within the next few weeks we will find out the gender of this baby and I'm sure it will start to feel even more real and personal; for some reason once a name is assigned to the baby "it" becomes more of a person...weird feeling.. I know! We have already picked out our boy's and girl's name and are only waiting for the official gender announcement!
My next prenatal appointment is scheduled for Feb. 2nd; it will be just a routine check up, so nothing too exciting.

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