Friday, January 16, 2009

NT Scan

So the dreaded NT scan was scheduled for today. For those of you that are not familiar with this test, it is called the Nuchal Translucency scan and it is done in the hopes of finding the probabilities of genetic abnormalities by measuring the thickness of the baby's nuchal fold to determine any irregularities. I only had the test done because it is standard practice at my dr's office; otherwise I don't really care to know if my baby has any genetic disorder...but oh well!
I woke up very early since the appointment was scheduled for 8:00am. Drove to the hospital and met my mom there; since Iggy was working she came along to keep me company.
We waited about 20 minutes and got in to get the scan done. It was a very neat ultrasound since the image was magnified. I was able to see my baby, moving around like crazy and measuring right at 13wks and 1 day. The measurements were "perfect" as the tech put it; she also said the the baby's heart rate was around 162 bpm, which is was great. I got some blood work done and scheduled a follow up for January 30th. Results will be given within the next 3 weeks. I got a few cool pictures of the baby and went home happy.

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