Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Trip to L&D

I woke up this morning and was having intense pain in my lower pelvis. I took a shower a felt a bit better so I went out to take Olivia to her babysitter.
As I was driving there, I started feeling a sharp pain in my abdomen that was stretching to my back... it was NOT a good feeling...
I called my mom and she encouraged me to go to the hospital and get checked out. I also called Iggy and he left work to come with me to the hospital.
I was taken to Labor & Delivery and remained there for about an hour or so, begging the nurse to let me come home since I already had my mind set up for tomorrow's induction.
Turns out, I was having some mild contractions, which were not strong enough and I was in fact sent home. According to the nurse, the baby's head moved out of my pelvis and I'm not dilated at all! Oh well... I guess the Cervidil will have to do its job right and Gaby's head will have to re-engage. I saw my doctor at the hospital and he was still very hopeful about tomorrow's induction....!
Please pray for a quick and easy induction/delivery.

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