Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Doctor's appointment

I had my 37 week appointment today and it wasn't exciting at all. First off, I reportedly gained 3lbs since last week, which puts me at 22lbs gained so far... that is CRAZY! I feel so guilty now for eating sweets during this past week and I'm starting to worry about how I will lose the weight after Gaby is more thing to worry about!
I had a cervical exam, and I was told again that although my cervix is soft, it is not dilating and my body shows no signs of wanting to go into labor any time soon. The doctor also told me that although the baby is head down (still), she is not engaged in my pelvis and is pretty high up, which means she hasn't dropped yet!
My belly is measuring a week ahead and the doctor is already talking induction. I told her I would HATE to go over my due date and she said that I could choose and induction once I hit 39 weeks, which means anytime after the 16th. This gives me the option of getting induced on Olivia's birthday (the 17th) and have my daughters share a birthday... would that be crazy??
I need opinions!! ;)

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Fawn said...

Them sharing birthdays wouldn't be so bad b/c they're gonna share a party anyhow, right? So might as well give them something else to share. Although on the 'cons' side of it, in the future sharing such an important day and not having the ability to be 'seperate' could create possible resentment? Just a few thoughts to throw into the thinkinker :)

I can't believe Gabby is gonna be here in 3 weeks or less! That's sooooooo exciting!!! :)