Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Week 36

Wow! as of tomorrow I'll officially be considered "full term", so if the baby was born tomorrow, she wouldn't be considered a preemie!! only 3 weeks left to my due date and I still can't believe it! I know every week I start my posts saying the same thing but now time is really starting to speed up! I'm both excited and nervous and sometimes even in denial of the fact that we will be a family of 4 in less than a month!
This week was a little better than last week, however, I'm still very uncomfortable and have a few things that bother me, like horrible heartburn, an intense urge to pee, excessive hunger and fatigue and of course the never ending inability to sleep well at night.
Baby Gaby is still very active and she has dropped a bit. I can feel her pressing down my bladder and twisting and turning like crazy. I know she's head down already so that explains everything I fell.
I have another doctor's appointment tomorrow and an ultrasound this Thursday. Will update more then...

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