Tuesday, February 24, 2009

BIG ultrasound tomorrow!

Tomorrow at 5:50pm it's the BIG ultrasound. This is the ultrasound commonly known as the "Fetal Anatomy" or "Anatomical" ultrasound, where they measure all of the baby's anatomy to ensure that the growth is on track and everything is fine.
Also, it's the ultrasound where they generally reveal the sex of the baby, which I happen to already know. But what if I'm in for a big surprise; what if they tell me I'm having a boy instead? Ha! Anything is possible so I've prepared myself for any surprise that is thrown at me.
Iggy will be coming with me and I'm so excited about that because it's the first time he'll see the baby since he hasn't been able to make it to the other appointments.
I'm anxious, scared, happy, etc... I guess it's normal to feel this way. I just want them to tell me that everything looks perfect! Will post more tomorrow! I can't wait!

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