Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ultrasound news!!!

I had my "big" ultrasound today and I'm happy to report that it was AMAZING! I could not have asked for a better ultrasound or better news!After an hour wait at my doctor's office I was finally called in to see my little baby. I was happy because Iggy was able to make it and it was the first time he got to see the baby during this pregnancy.The tech took all the measurements and told me everything looked perfect. The baby is measuring right on target and is about 8oz, which the average weight for 19 weeks. She also told me that her heart looked "beautiful" and she's growing steady and healthy.It was confirmed that the baby is indeed a girl so we're sticking to our original plan to name her Gabriela Isabel!We're so blessed and so happy to be able to share such good news! Thank you GOD!!!We got a lot of cool pictures of baby Gabriela, here are some of them...

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