Friday, May 22, 2009

We bought our stroller!!!

I'm beyond excited today as I finally bought the double stroller for our babies! Yay! Not only did I get the stroller, but it is also the one that I REALLY wanted! It took me a couple of months to convince Iggy that the stroller would be worth the investment, but he finally agreed and gave me the "ok" to buy it....he's so good to us!
After lots of research, I ended up getting the Phil & Ted's Dash double stroller in black. It was great because I found a website ( that had a sale; they had the stroller with the doubles kit FREE and free shipping as well for $549.99. I though it was awesome, considering that the stroller was almost $700 at the local baby store! Now, I just have to wait until the stroller is delivered! I can't wait!!!Here's a picture of my "dream" stroller!

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