Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Week 28

The third trimester has proven to be horrendous! I'm feeling so sick and uncomfortable already.. I don't remember feeling this bad EVER! Good thing there's "only" 11 weeks left! Somebody please remind me, why is pregnancy so long???
This week was another week from hell, starting with horrible heartburn that just won't go away and just a general feeling of discomfort that is persistent every day...
My nights are horrible too... I can rarely find a comfortable position to sleep in and Gabriela just won't stop moving around... I have to pee at least every two hours every night and often feel like throwing up! I also feel fat and ugly.. I don't even think the pictures can lie anymore! ;(
Besides the physical discomfort, I'm also very hormonal and extremely emotional. I have crying spells and just a general sadness... I'm physically and emotionally exhausted... I hope this ends soon! As of today, 79 more days!!!

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Shawna said...

Hang in there girlfriend - we're almost done! :) PS - you're crazy...you still look amazing! :)