Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Week 30

This week was pretty decent, considering the size of my belly and the fact that I'm in the last 10 weeks.... As of today, there are 65 days left to my due date and I'm already on the single count for weeks...9 weeks left!!! Sometimes, when I look back at the day I found out I was pregnant, I get very amazed.. I can't believe this pregnancy is almost over and soon we will have another baby!
I feel "ok" for the most part... some back pain and heartburn at times, but it's manageable.. Sleeping is still a huge task, but I have found some positions that are not too bad... My boobs are very sore and I feel huge....oh.. and I'm super hungry all the time!!!
Other than that.. this week was uneventful in terms of pregnancy drama! haha!
Next doctor's appointment is scheduled for May 26th, so a week from today... then, I'll start seeing the doctor every two weeks!

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